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Monday, October 11, 2010

Nestle Engineering Jobs:Recruitment For Graduate Trainee (Worldwide)

As an international expatriate employee joining our International Headquarters you have the opportunity to work in many locations – mainly in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

How an expatriate career works

When you join Nestlé you would typically have an initial four to six months’ training and orientation programme in three or four different Nestlé factories. You would also be coached by specialists at the Headquarters.

The aim of this initial period is to help develop your professional skills before you take on your first expatriate assignment. You would also have the opportunity to attend courses at the Nestlé International Training Centre at Rive-Reine in Switzerland, so that you become familiar with various Nestlé technologies and practices.

Following a thorough initial evaluation, and based on your individual training experiences, you would then start your first assignment.

Typical expatriate areas of activity

Assignments are usually in one of the following categories:

- In a Nestlé Factory somewhere in the world working in the engineering, quality assurance, or manufacturing department – dealing with food processes, with tasks related to the production line, filling, packaging or with an expertise in a technical area, for example, in refrigeration or automation.

Or working in the construction and commissioning of new factory lines or extensions.

- In product and process development in a Nestlé Product Technology Centre for a two to three years’

professional development period, before taking on an expatriate assignment.

Expatriate Career Development

After gaining sufficient experience, several career paths are open to you depending on your specific background.

With a background in mechanical or process engineering you could be:

Project Engineer: part of a team responsible for the construction and commissioning of new project lines, utilities, buildings and factories – or the modernisation of existing ones – from the initial concept to the final installation.

Engineering Specialist: with expertise in filling, packaging, refrigeration or automation; or in food processes such as extraction and drying.

Factory Engineer: responsible for the technical installations in a factory, of process line equipment and utilities such as steam, air and electricity. You would also be in charge of all maintenance and repair, and the installation of new investments.

These three positions could lead to a position as a Chief Engineer in a Nestlé Market, or a Head of Engineering function within a technical speciality, or a Manager position in project or process engineering, or a Factory Manager activity.

With a background in microbiology, chemistry, food technology or a similar field you could be:

Quality Specialist: after an initial training period you would, for example, be assigned to work in an emerging market where your tasks would involve the very important training of local people into the Nestlé Quality System (NQS).

Manufacturing Specialist: you could work with raw materials, recipes and processes and, for example, act as a link between the factory and R&D on product development projects.

Later on you could become Factory Manager, Head of Factory Quality Assurance in a Nestlé Market, or Head of Manufacturing in particular product areas. From a Quality Assurance position your career development could also be orientated toward a Food Technologist position. A position within a Product & Technology Center for a certain period might also be an option.

Is an expatriate career right for you?

We are looking for qualified engineers and university graduates from the following fields: mechanical, process, industrial and chemical engineering, food technology, microbiology, chemistry, or similar fields. As an international employee you must be flexible and prepared to move quickly – sometimes at very short notice – depending on the immediate and changing needs of the company.

An international career with us can be quite demanding. In our experience, those who are most successful and find it most fulfilling tend to be extremely flexible, mobile and willing to adapt to different cultures. They are team players who enjoy working with people from different countries and backgrounds. They are self-starters with strong technical, analytical and organisational skills and leadership potential.

They certainly are open-minded, tend to have a broad outlook and varied interests. Their communication skills allow them to translate what is complex and technical into readily understandable and actionable concepts.

If this sounds like you, and you are looking for a highly challenging and exciting life that will take you all over the world for long periods, then an international career could be waiting for you!

You must be fluent in English and in two other languages. Some practical work experience through internships or work placement is also recommended.

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