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Friday, October 1, 2010

NYSC 2010 Batch C Orientation Time Table Released!

NYSC 2010 Batch C Orientation Time Table and Registration Information

26th October – 16th November, 2010

The time table for the NYSC 2010 Batch C Orientation has been released by the National Youth Service Corps Headquarters Abuja.

NOTICE: 2010 Batch C Orientation Camp will open from 26th October – 16th November, 2010

Pre-mobilization workshop meeting10th August, 2010
Submission of Masterlist19th – 25th Aug, 2010
Action on Master list by Mobilization Officers - Vetting etc.19th – 27th Aug,2010
Action by the Computer Centre, Coding etc.19th Aug – 4th Sept, 2010
Registration of Foreign-Trained Nigerian Graduates16th Aug -15th Sept, 2010
Briefing of Corps Producing Institutions6th – 14th Sept, 2010
Submission of Preliminary Printouts6th -8th Sept, 2010
Return of corrected Print-outs by Institutions to NYSC NDHQ15th -16st Sept, 2010
Action by Computer: Coding,Corrections etc17th Sept – 13th Oct, 2010
Sorting and Packaging of Call-up letters14th -17th Oct, 2010
Delivery of Call-up letters to Institutions18th – 20th Oct, 2010
Collection of Call-up letters by Foreign-trained Graduates from NDHQ (with the use of Nigerian International Passport)21st – 25th Oct, 2010
2010 Batch ‘C’ 2010 Orientation26th Oct – 16th Nov, 2010


When does the 2010 Batch C Orientation Start?
A: Orientation is scheduled for
26th October – 16th November 2010.

What are the two tasks to register for prior to Orientation Camp?
A: You must complete both the pre-registration and Book of Life. You need two scratch cards for the two activities.

Where can I get Scratch Cards?
A: Scratch cards are available at the nearest Afribank branch and NYSC secretariat to you.

How do I start my online registration?
A: Visit the web site, then click on the appropriate menu option. Input the PIN number from your scratchcard and commence registration.

How do I know my Callup Number?
A: Callup number is a ten digit number derived from your preliminary list or Callup letter. e.g. if your callup ID is NYSC/OAU/2010/123456 then your callup number is

What if I don’t have my Callup letter yet?
A: On the menu, Please select your batch and input your year e.g. 2010 then click on the Go button by the Get your Callup Number. Kindly pick the first letter of your school, then your course and finally pick your callup number with your name from the displayed list.

What document do I print upon completion of online registration?
A: Please print three (3) copies of the summary page of your online forms. You can also print these later by login in to your profile using your username and password. The printed document will be required of you at the orientation camp.

How many times can I use my Scratch Card?
A: Your Scratch Card is valid for one successfull use.

What happens if there is loss of power or intenet connectivity during registration?
A: You need to start registration all over and your scratch card is still valid until you have successfully completed your online registration.

How do I correct mistakes in my online Form?
A: When you view the Summary page prior to Submitting, click previous to make changes. However, if you discover mistakes after sumbission, then you have to login using your username and password and make changes in your profile. You do not need a scratch card for this.

How do I attach or upload passport photgraph to my form?
A: Having stored a copy on appropriate media (local drive, flash drive etc), Click on Browse Click open to attach the picture.

What if I can’t attach the Passport photograph?
A: You are probably using a very large picture size or using a wrong picture format. For the portal, the picture size must not be bigger than 52Kb and the format must be in .JPEG or .JPG format.

What next after successfully registering online?
A: Please ensure you keep your username and password in a safe place. This will allow you access to log in for other activity.

How do I retrieve my forgotten password?
A: Please email with your callup number and your password will be sent to you either by email, text or both.

What if I need further clarification?
A: Please email with any query and we will reply you asap.

How do Foreign Trained Graduates register?
A: Foreign trained graduates must physically visit NYSC NDHQ in Abuja and present their credentials to the evaluation unit in the Mobilisation department. Once cleared, you will be enrolled and your data uploaded online.

What Documents do I need for Evaluation as a Foreign Trained Graduate?
A: Original WAEC/SSSCE/O level certificate, Original Degree Certificate, Original degree trancript, 3 passport photographs, International passport with student visa(if applicable) with departure/entry date.

Can I register by proxy as a Foreign Trained Graduate?
A: No, you must be evaluated in person at NYSC DHQ.

Foreign Institutions are not Listed?
A: Please click on Alphabet F on the instituition page then click on Foreign, select your Callup Number and Name from the displayed list.


Enquiries: Send email to

Click here to visit NYSC Nigeria official website

Click here for NYSC Registration Website

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